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The True Gospel in Three Minutes

How Can I Be Saved?

I'm glad you understand that you need to be saved from God's wrath and curse because you, like me and everyone else in this world, don't measure up to the standards God requires of man. The good news (Gospel) is that God has provided a way for you to be saved. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation. We must depend on God to do this for us. If we trust what He has done according to what He has said in the Bible, we will be accepted by God. This is the truth of what He has done and what we must believe to be saved. 

The Situation 

First, we must believe the truth that there is one, true, living, and holy God who made us. To be in His holy presence we must be holy too. Since God made all things, He is the authority in all things and has clearly told us in His Word, the Bible, what He expects from us. It tells us HIs law which we are to obey if we are to live to please HIm. Instead of obeying Him, all us have broken His law by following our own ideas and desires, and this is called sin. 

The Problem

Sin has completely separated us from God, bringing us to spiritual death and eventually will bring physical death too. When we die (which we all do because of our sin) we will come face to face with this true, holy, and living God and be required to give an accounting for not keeping His law. He will rightly and justly visit His wrath and punishment on all those who are found guilty. That is our problem. God is holy and by His nature He cannot justly accept anything that is not holy into His presence.  Therefore, all men are condemned, for we all sin. 

God's Solution - The Work of Jesus

God, in His love, made ONE WAY whereby we could be saved from His wrath and be adopted as His very children. We needed Someone who was not sinful to give us His sinless account and to take our sinful account. To do that God sent His Son Jesus to become human. He was born of a virgin, sinless and holy, 100% God and 100% man. He is the only human to live a sinless life, keeping all of God's commands the way we were supposed to. He became our substitute and took the punishment we deserved for our sin by suffering on the cross. He took the full measure of God's hatred and just wrath against sin, paying the penalty for those He came to save. He died and on the third day he triumphed over death by resurrecting from the grave. He ascended into heaven where He lives today as the mediator for those who believe.

Jesus' Mission - To be our Substitute

His mission was to be the substitute for us. If we have faith that Jesus did this for us, two things happen. First, our sins are transferred to Him, and second, His righteousness is transferred to us. That means you are forgiven, and you are now considered holy before God only because when God sees us, He sees the righteousness of Christ that now belongs to us as a gift. We are then reconciled to God, living freely in HIs presence here on this earth and when we die, we will be directly in His presence in glorious peace forever in heaven. 

If You Don't Believe

If you do not embrace God's remedy for your sin problem, you will justly deserve God's wrath and curse for breaking his law. When you die, you will be judged guilty and will be cast into hell forever where you will justly be punished by God for your offenses without recourse. This is the truth. 

Jesus' Own Words

To be saved from your just punishment for sin, Jesus Himself said in John 5:24 "Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life. He does not come into judgement but has passed from death to life.

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