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Expository Preaching

Expository Preaching is public proclamation explaining what the Bible says, what it means and why the Bible matters. David Helm, author of "Expositional Preaching" says, "expositional preaching is empowered preaching that rightfully submits the shape and emphasis of the sermon to the shape and emphasis of a biblical text". This type of preaching is anchored to a vigorous conviction of the inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, sufficiency, clarity, and authority of God's perfect word found in the Bible. 

13 Reasons we are committed to expository preaching 

  1. Expository preaching responds to the attributes of Scripture.​

  2. Expository preaching obeys the command of Scripture.

  3. Expository preaching follows the example of the preachers in Scriptures.

  4. Expository preaching  establishes the authority of Scripture in the church.

  5. Expository preaching reveals the mind and logic of God.

  6. Expository preaching provides the example for how the church should read and interpret the Bible.

  7. Expository preaching sets the agenda for the Church.

  8. Expository preaching forces the church to deal with hard texts.

  9. Expository preaching equips the congregation for personal ministry.

  10. Expository preaching meets unforeseen needs in the church and it's congregation.

  11. Expository preaching constructs a biblical theology.

  12. Expository preaching generates an eternal perspective.

  13. Expository preaching ensures doctrinal accountability in a local body. 

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