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Ray Shores

Pre-ordination examination

Reformed Presbyterian Church 
Hanover Presbytery

We, ordained officers, duly holding and exercising authority in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, met in counsel together on this 25th of May, 2021, in support of and to serve the efforts of Reformation Bible Church of Savannah, Georgia. As officers charged with responsibility to serve and guard Christ’s church in our various callings, we together were requested to and have conducted a thorough examination of the progress toward the ordination of Mr. Ray Shores. We examined Mr. Shores’ preaching suitability, Christian testimony, knowledge of the Bible, practical Christian living, Church history, church government, the sacraments, and theology. Though we represent and serve Anglican, Baptist, Episcopalian, Independent and Presbyterian communions, we come together to uphold, not the lowest common denominator, but the very highest in keeping with our commitment to the teaching of sixty-six books of the old and new testaments, the Bible in the areas afore mentioned. Though representing various denominations with some specific differences of understanding of holy scripture, we find Mr. Ray Shores to be fully orthodox and competent to serve as a minister in the church and all indications are that a flock of God’s people could be well served by him.

the pre-ordination exam was conducted by...

Rev. Marc Robertson, Rev. Gavin Dunbar, Rev. C. Michael Chastain, Rev. Wesley Holland, Rev. Ronnie Smith, Rev. Stephen Jackson, Elder Jimmie Strickland

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